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Ordering and Payment

  1. Finding the articles and placing in the shopping cart

  2. Accessing the Shopping-Cart

  3. Checking out and placing the order

  4. Payment

  5. Reordering

Finding the articles and placing in the shopping cart

Ordering at Rohittropischewinkel is quite simple and involves only a few simple following steps:

Products are intuitively arranged by category (rice, snacks, pickles, etc.) in the top menu and by major brand in the left menu. You can also search a product directly by using the search box on the top right corner of the page.

When you find an article of your choice, click at " Add to Cart", if you would want to add only a single quantity . 

If you would want to add multiple quantities, you can do it in two ways:

a. you can either do it by updating the quantity in the shopping cart
b. click at the image of the product of your choice and input the desired number of quantity before adding them in the shopping cart

Accessing the Shopping-Cart

You can access your shopping cart by clicking “My Cart” link on the top right side and can change the quantity of the articles. At this point, you can also apply gift certificate code and discount code.

Checking out and placing the order

There are three possible methods for checking out your shopping cart. You can:

  1. Check out as guest (no sign up is required, just fill in your name and address details and you’ll be taken to the payment page)

  2. Login, if you are already registered with Rohittropischewinkel or register yourself as a new user by following on-screen instruction. If you sign in to our site, you would be able to see your purchase, payment and order status and history.

After logging in, you would be able to see the checkout progress on the left side and can switch to the previous step by selecting appropriate option. Depending upon your order amount, shipping is automatically calculated and shown on your screen. For information about shipping rates, please look into our Shipping and Return section.

On the next screen, you will be shown various different payment methods, including iDeal, MisterCash/ Bankcontact, Sofort, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Card, and direct bank transfer, we offer. The payment methods are explained on the Payment page. Please note, we DO NOT charge you any credit card or iDeal processing fee.

If you choose iDeal or bank transfer as your preferred payment option, you are shown our Terms and Conditions. Please read through and provide your consent by clicking the checkbox below the Terms and Conditions. After clicking “Place Order”, you will be taken to the secure environment of the respective payment gateway.You will automatically return to our site as the order is completed.

If you have chosen to use PayPal, you will be taken to the PayPal environment, where you can either choose directly enter your credit card details by selecting “Geen PayPal-rekening? Betalen met uw creditcard als PayPal-gast” (i.e. no PayPal account) or to login using your existing PayPal account. Both of the options are safe and remain at SSL secured server.

If you have chosen Bank Transfer, you are shown the bank account details you need to transfer the amount shown in your order confirmation,  sent to your given email address.

You will receive via e-mail confirmation of your order. Please note, this email is not your invoice. We shall send you your invoice separately together with your tracking number, once the order is shipped. You can also check your order status by logging in your account. 

If you have questions about placing an order? Take a look at our "Frequently Asked Questions" or send an email to

Payment ( Read All Carefully if not required delete all the non required Section )

Once you select the shipping address, you’ll see the following  options to make payment , depending up on the shipping address:

  • iDeal (for customers with Dutch bank accounts)

  • Sofort (for German customers)

  • Giropay (for German customers)

  • Mister Cash/ Bancontact (for Belgian customers)

  • Direct Bank Transfer (Offline)

  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card and Amex)

  • PayPal

  • Google Pay



iDEAL allows you to make online purchases in a familiar, secure and simple way. iDEAL is the system that links you directly to your online banking application when you buy online. If you already have online banking with ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers, you can make payments using iDEAL right away.

How does iDEAL work?

A few simple steps is all it takes to pay using iDEAL:

  1. Place your order

  2. Select iDEAL as payment method

  3. Select your bank

  4. This opens the familiar online banking application of your own bank

  5. The relevant details of your purchase will already be shown

  6. You merely authorise the payment in the usual manner

  7. Your bank confirms your payment

  8. You return to the online store – order accepted and payment successful!

For more information, please visit iDeal’s website:


SOFORT banking is a payment method that is available in 8 European countries and highly popular in Germany. The payment method is based on the principle of a bank transfer. In contrast with a regular transfer, the consumer only has to verify the payment. Details such as the amount and the beneficiary are already filled out. SOFORT then proceeds to carry out the payment. The advantage of the payment method is that it eliminates human error, making it a simple and fast way to pay.

SOFORT Banking is a highly popular payment method in Germany, but also available to consumers holding an account in the following countries:

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland (only EUR)

  • Poland (only EUR)

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Belgium

  • The Netherlands



The customer selects their bank from the list of participating banks. After selecting the bank, the customer logs in to the secured online banking environment. In the online banking environment the customer reviews the prefilled payment details.
If all the information is correct the customer authorizes the payment. After the authorization the customer will receive a confirmation and the product will be sent.

Credit Card

We accept only 3D secured Master, Visa and American Express credit cards (cards with OTP/ PIN). We don't accept cash cards. 

Google Pay

Google pay is secured online wallet which lets you pay without sharing your debit or credit card number. At the checkout page, select Google Pay from the Payment options. If it's your first time using the app, tap Get Started, then select a payment method to add, and take a photo of your card or enter your information. Google will then verify you via SMS or email authentication. After authentication, payment shall be made at Google pay and you'd see order confirmaiton on our website. 


PayPal allows you to use your credit card (Visa, Master, American Express and Discover) without having PayPal account. PayPal also acts like a digital wallet where you can securely store all your payment options, such as your bank account and credit card. When you want to make a payment, you don't have to pull out your credit card or type your billing info every time. 


  1. Easy, simple and Secured.

  2. PayPal encrypts your sensitive financial information so the only person who can see it is you.

  3. Accepts all major credit cards including Master, Visa, Amex and Discover.

  4. You don't even need a PayPal account

How does it work

When you select to pay by PayPal, you are taken to PayPal environment, where you have two possible options:

  1. Directly enter your credit card details by selecting Geen PayPal-rekening?Betalen met uw creditcard als PayPal-gast (i.e. no PayPal account? Pay with your credit card as PayPal guest). After filling the credit card information, please click Doorgaan (go through), you will be shown your order for your review before you submit your order. Once you submit your payment, your order is complete

  2. Log in by entering an existing PayPal account.

  3. After you have entered the correct information via either of the two routes on PayPal, you will be shown your shopping cart for your reviewing the items and the shipping, billing addresses. You have an opportunity to change the shipping address before proceeding and finally submitting your payment.

Paying with Indian or non-Dutch credit card


It is possible to use your Indian or non-Dutch/non-Belgian/non-Denish credit card on our website via PayPal gateway. However, if you would want to use Indian (or an overseas) credit card, you would need to have a verified PayPal account. Please choose Payment mode on our website as Bank Transfer and create the order. 


Bank Transfer

Bank-transfer works via the internet banking facility available at your bank's website. 


  1. Easy, simple and Secured.

  2. Familier interface of your bank account

How does it work

When you select to pay by Bank Transfer, and place the order, the required details shall be emailed to you. 

  1. Please mention your order number, in the notes in your online bank transfer instruction screen

  2. Please transfer the out-standing balance of your purchase in our bank account, mentioning the reference number of your order (which you can find in the order confirmation e-mail, sent to your e-mail address provided during registration).

  3. After we receive the payment in our account, we shall dispatch your order.